Growing Muskmelon Using Organic Farming Practices

One of the things we spent alot of time on is to identify suitable varieties of agricultural crops suitable for Singapore weather.

Commercially, many farms around the world do not practise organic farming principles. That is one of the reasons why you often do not see much muskmelons being displayed on our local supermarkets under the "organic" produce section.

Muskmelon TLC Roof Research Garden


 At The Living Centre, we advocate and support organic farming - when grown in soil - you have to use the right approach to take care of your plants and the nutrition of your crops.

We are extremely happy to annouce that using organic farming principles, you can produce very sweet muskmelons - without synthetic / chemical fertilisers, without synthetic pesticides.


The above photo shows our Founder, Ms Faith Foo - with the harvest of a uique variety of muskmelon from our organic farming research garden.

For students who attend our Growing Fruits Course, we will also share the trade secrets to growing these beautiful muskmelons and other wonderful crops.


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