Besides training urban farmers and gardeners, we spent most of our time doing research.

Singaporeans are used to seeing yellow corn, and bi-colour white-yellow corn in the market.

Do you know that there are alot of heirloom varieties of corn which are besides yellow and white, totally natural and not GMO!

It takes knowledge and skills to grow corns successfully in Singapore climate. We are glad to show you what we have now!

To learn how to grow corn and other fruits, join us in our training  here

Ever wonder how to design a good hydroponics farming system?

While you can buy hydroponics singapore systems off the market, it usually costs more, and not all hydroponics systems sold in the market are designed by experts in hydroponics.

Hydroponics Farming

Poorly design systems often show signs of poor flow, poor root growth, inappropriate crops etc.

We believe in empowering our students with the science principles of good hydroponics farming systems design and practical learning skills.

The above is one of the systems that we design that shows a very healthy crop growth, come and join us in our Intermediate Hydroponics Farming Course to apply the right science-based principles to design your own hydroponics farming system.

You will learn how to calculate the pump rate, decide which type of system is suitable for which crops, understand air pump calcualtions, and understand which crops is suitable for Singapore

Find out our course schedule here


Ladybugs are great insects in the organic farm. They play a major role in balancing the eco system in your garden.

Sad to say, farms that does not actively apply organic farming principles made use of chemical pesticides, which could kill these ladybugs.

In our research garden, we do not use any chemical pesticides, and we create a balance eco system, which allow ladybugs to come and feed on other harmful pest such as aphids.


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