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2 Hindhede Road Singapore 589239
Meetings to be pre-arranged for consultation and collaborations projects only.


(+65) 9855 5731
During 10 PM to 5 PM (Singapore Time)
Monday - Friday
Closed on Weekends and Public Holidays
Our History

We have been established in Singapore since 2015

Trained over 5000 growers from 25 countries

Reaching Out To You

Adaptability And Success

We conduct reearch and trials on suitable crops to be grown in Asia Pacific Region, including Singapore.

Providing Information

Providing Information

Our students will be introduced to suitable crops to be grown in local climate conditions.
Statistical  Research

Statistical Research

We frequently test which varieties of edible crops and ornamental plants can be grown in various challenging whether.
Satisfied  Customers and Students

Satisfied Customers and Students

We pride ourselves in our High Quality Training and seed and gardening supplies.

Your Welfare, Our Philosophy. Growing Together


Nature is in our DNA

Successful businesses have many things in common, today we’ll look evidence-based practises to be applied into home gardening and commercial farming.


Try It Our Way

We aim to established a strong growing community that is increasing self-sustainable.


Nothing But Quality

We implement highest standards of training methodology and training systems which is responsive to an increasing tech-based world

One Step Ahead

Frequently Asked Questoins

What are we trying to achieve here at The Living Centre?

We want to enable every home to grow their own food using sustainable farming principles. We also aim to equip more commercial farms to be able to apply organic-based farming practises.