Urban Farming Training Programme

Using organic farming principles. The most popular gardening course, suitable for Growers Living in Apartments (include HDB), Landed Yard in Singapore and urban cities around the world.

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Want to Grow Food without Pesticides?

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Ms Faith Foo, holding the vegetable she grew in Hot Climate

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Urban Farming Training
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Your Course Instructor is Ms Faith Foo (Founder, The Living Centre)

Course 1. Grow Nutritious Pak Choi (Bok Choy)
Course 2. Grow High Scent Lavender (Lavandula)
Course 3. Hydroponics for Growing Healthy Salad Greens
Course 4. Grow High Value Mediterranean Herbs for Beginners
Course 5. Grow High Value Edible Flowers for Beginners
Course 6. Aquaponics for Growers in Small Spaces
Course 7. Grow Strawberries in Small Spaces
Course 8.Diagnose and Treat Macro Nutrients Deficiency


Ms Faith Foo, the instructor for the 8 Course Programme, is a leading urban farming trainer in Singapore and has been invited to key events by NParks. She is also the key strategic trainer in gardening courses Singapore.

Ms Faith Foo, being invited to HortPark Singapore to give a talk on urban farming

One of our student who successfully grew vegetables along his HDB common corridor

Ms Faith Foo, showing how leafy greens can be grown in large scale

Ms Faith Foo, being invited to Nparks Event as a speaker.


Ms Faith Foo (Founder, The Living Centre)

Her passion in wholistic living is based on 2 fundamental aspects of Human Health:
Nutritional Health from growing and consuming great quality agricultural crops, and
Emotional Health through emotional wellness and balance, and therapy.

In the past 7 years, our centre has trained over 4800 growers (home growers, professional growers, researchers, entrepreneurs)  from Singapore,  Australia, Bangladesh, Brunei Darussalam, Czech Republic, Ethiopia, Germany, Ghana, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Kenya, Liberia, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Portugal, Russian, Sierra Leone, Sri Lanka, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United States

With her background in Professional Organic Farming in Australia, High Tech farming from Netherlands (HAS University of Applied Sciences), and also a passionate certified advanced practitioner in EFT (EFTi) and Matrix Reimprinting (EFTMR) – helps our centre developed a comprehension curriculum for anyone interested in wholistic living.

She also lead the implementation of first series of High Tech Indoor Farming Trainings under the Singapore SkillsFuture Training Initiative, and has been a invited speaker to programmes by National Park Singapore.

"I have been trying to learn from YouTube and even videos from NParks (Singapore). But I was still facing problems to grow my own vegetables at home. Taking the online gardening courses taught by Ms Faith changed the way I look at how I grow my Pak Choi. The details they covered in the programme deepened my knowledge. I am so thankful for this course."
Jinny K.

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One course release for you every month. Total 8 Courses covering soil, hydroponics, aquaponics techniques. Learn to grow vegetables, herbs, fruits, edible flowers

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Consider this as an investment of gaining knowledge and skills for your own health and your family!

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This course is for ANYONE who wants a clear, easy to follow training,  walking you step by step through what you need to grow your own food.

If you’re brand new to gardening or farming, this course will give you the essential information to prioritize what’s most important to kick start growing first.

If you’ve been in the gardening / farming community for a while, this course will help you connect the dots between all the conflicting information out there and put it into a framework that’s easy to follow and achieve your growing goals.

And even if you’ve been gardening for years, this course will fill in the gaps and give you a wholistic understanding to grow your own produce.

Each online course is made up of easy to follow series of learning videos, downloadable guides, and checklists, and slides. For example, in the Grow Pak Choi Courses, we have over 14 Videos with your instructor guiding you step-by-step so that you learn exactly what you need to grow Pak Choi to its optimal state.

Each  subsequent course will be release in the 15th of every month, which is great to pace your learning.

Once you enrolled into the online Urban Farming Training Programme, you will receive your userid and access link to login and immediately start your first course immediately on How to Grow Pak Choi.

 You can start learning ANYTIME from any part of the world as long you have internet access using a PC, Tablet or Mobile Phone. 

You learn at a comfortable pace. There are a total of 8 courses, and each of the course require about 2 to 3 hours of learning time. And you can pace yourself to put into practise what you learn in between. 

One of my student, Jenny said “I did not know I can learn so much from attending your online course. I am busy person, but I found the course  easy to follow, understand and apply into real life. My friends are actually quite impressed when I show them photographs of the veggies I grew”

Besides accessing a comprehensive curriculum at your own time. You can also contact the training team during your course subscription. Information will be provided in the course when you enrol.

For the courses that you access, they have been updated to the latest curriculum in 2023. Secondly, you do not need to fly in to Singapore to attend the course. We include demonstration videos in our online courses, so you learn both theory and practical skills! In fact, many of our learners preferred to learn at their own comfortable pace. 

Not at all! We will share with you suitable supplies to buy to kickstart without spending the bomb. After all, we all want to grow our own food with the lowest cost possible!

After purchasing the course, you will receive an email that includes login details to sign into a private members area that houses the courses. 

Once enrolled, you will have 12 Months access  to courses.

For example, if you enrol on 1 March 2023, you immediately access the first course of Growing Pak Choi and you have access to next 12 Months till 1 March 2024.

You can download the slides, how-to-guides, and checklist.

For the remaining courses, each  will be release in the middle of subsequent months.  You have 12 months access from the course start date.

To pace our learners to apply what they learn in each course, you will access the first course immediately upon enrolment. Following courses will be release on the 15th of each month.

We accept PayNow or Paypal. If you do not have a Paypal account, simply select Paypal, and choose check out with credit card instead and you can use all major credit card to pay.

There is no exams! So you can learn at your own pace. You are more than welcome to contact the training team should you have questions anytime during the program

These 8 courses will equip you with a deep set of skills to grow your edible gardens. You can learn at your pace and make sure you learnt from the leading expert in the industry. While there is no need for you to complete all courses, you will be greatly enriched when you do

Ms Faith Foo, Founder of The Living Centre is the instructor of the courses.

Faith  is professionally trained in Organic Farming in Australia as well as High Tech farming from Netherlands (HAS University of Applied Sciences). With expert knowledge in both Soil-Based and Soil-less Agriculture, she also lead the first series of Urban Farming SkillsFuture courses supported by SkillsFuture Singapore. Besides providing professional training in farming in Singapore to the public, local university and lecturers from polytechnics, she also provides consultancy to commercial growers.

She has been invited as a key speaker at key gardening and edible farming events, including “Community Garden Festival”, “Gardeners’Day Out” organised by Nparks Singapore. With a passion to pass on her knowledge to more people , she is the brain behind the 8 Courses content development. Our centre worked with a strong technology team to enable all the knowledge to be accessible online.

Yes, these courses are suited for anyone who wants to grow their own food at home, and by enrolling into our programme, you learn to apply right techniques based on organic-farming principles!

What our students say
“The success rate of my crops increase tremendously after applying what I learn in the online course. Faith is a very clear and knowledgeable instructor and the lessons are easy to follow. I am so glad to grow my own food now.”
“This online course is very easy to follow along. I now can grow Pak Choi without issues to give to my family and feed myself too! Faith shares her deep knowledge in the courses video very clearly. I have started growing my own herbs as well, including rosemary with success!”

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